here and there

i buy this spongebob hanger. so cute :o
and it back have mirror !

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well, how was your day fellas? this is photos from last week, on saturday.
i go out with my frieeeeends, which is mevia, sharon, and feli.
it was fun. until monday came.
worst week ever (until today)
i got tests everyday since lastweek. "hello teacher, i need a break please"
okay, i'll stop that complaining school thing :)

what i wear?
-esprit t-shirt (yeah i look so fat wearing that tshirt), jeans, red converse, pink bag from hongkong.

and guys, im sorry for my bad english. i dont go to national + or international schools. i go to national school, and the teacher there cant speak grammar right.(oops)


Turquoise and Lily said...

love your sneakers dear.. and thanks for your comment.. please follow my blog if you like it :)

Veren Lee said...

you're soooo cuteeeeee :D