crazy christmas

hey guys, this is just random crazy post. you don't have to read my blahblah. but first, MERRY CHRISTMAS ! then second, i've already change my blog name 3 times or more. I'm confused, so now I named it under construction. have any better idea? pleeeaseeee comment. I really need a name for a blog. third, i've change the blog design more than three times too. gaaah what should I do? please comment if you know a blog designer :( and now the random crazinest begin.
barbie jacket, hk disneyland tshirt, old navy shorts
I look like a ghost :|

this is my favorite!

with my 4 and a half year cousin, frejyaaaaa♥

the three last one really random.

so thats it guys! i'm gonna post again soon. smoooooooch


droppin to say hi

helou guys, I just droppin here to see if there is any comment I need to publish. and the result is no.
just today,
i finished my final test. sooo glad.
tomorrow I will go to dufan with my friends! yayyy!
i cant wait.
i will share some photos :)
im here to share pictures that i found at weheartit.com
that website rocks!

so cuteeee♥
i love cookie monster ♥♥♥

thats it guys!
view photos from weheartit.com
try searching by yourself,
or maybe join the site
see you in the next post :)


christmas spirit!

olo guys! (olo means hello).
long time no post. ahhhhh, I miss blogging. I'm sorry if my blog always late to post.
anywayy, we are all waiting for christmas, so i'll give you a little color of the christmas :) enjoy :


as I remember, I was dancing -__-

What am I wearing?
- dress: bossini
- shoes: converse!
- eyeglasses necklace
-red bag: gift from my mom's friend.

I'm so sorry for my bad english :(
but thankyou for visiting ! :)


zipper and polkadots

this october, i have 2 birthday party invitation, 5 days of midtest, and reat-reat
so lets start with the 5 days of midtest. on monday, im going to have 5 days of midtest, so i decided to post before midtest. im going to post again (soon).
so anyway, today's theme is zipper and polkadots. i modeled ci veren lee's post because shes a fabulous fashion blogger. i hope you all enjoy the pictures :)

tanktop - unbranded, vest - mommy's guess jeans, skirt - barbie, heels - the little things she needs, headband - lumi by alxalexa

so yeah. i hope you love the outfits :)
and happy batik day (im sorry im late)

fashionable blanket

helloooouuuuu guys,
i have some view tips about "from blanket to fashion" :p
i use picture to present it

as a jacket

use it as a scarf !

feeling beach...

thats it ! thankyouu guys for reading :)
love cecil♥


while waiting...

hi guys!
while waiting pictures for another post,
i wanna introduce you to vivienne westwood
her collection is so gorgeous!
i saw it at style network at indovision channel 241.
do you wanna visit vivienne's website?
visit this
thats all!
thankyou for reading :)